Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reflections on #cnbloggercon (1)


刘晓原博客系列文章对中国的危害非常巨大! 我仔细查看了此人的几乎所有博客和文章的跟贴,发现这里已经成为反政府人士发泄不满的平台。

Liu Xiaoyuan has a series of blog posts which are extremely harmful to China! I read through almost all of this person's posts and the comments on them, and I can see that this blog has become a platform for anti-government types to spew their discontent!



These dangerous elements and their speech must be strictly curbed!


Following the powerful calls from Our Just People, Sohu.com has screened all 20 Yang Jia blog posts that Liu Xiaoyuan has written since October 15 (not including the ones written prior to Oct. 15), and Sina.com has also deleted four posts from Liu Xiaoyuan's blog. This is not enough; all the extremists who have left anti-government comments ought to be put on the blacklist, and all of Liu Xiaoyuan's blogs ought to be forcefully closed and the National Security Bureau and other departments should begin investigating him!


As for those who have posting anti-government comments, we must not let them find work in government offices or large scale SOEs; websites have the obligation to collect their IP addresses and turn them over to the Public Security Bureau and prosecution agencies so their illicit behavior can go on record.


In today's world, the relevant departments must remember that at this very moment there are those Western anti-China forces eyeing us like tigers; we must not allow for a re-enactment of the peaceful transitions that took place in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to happen here in China. Today's public security organs truly are weak, and the calls from Liu Xiaoyuan and other netizens are a bald-faced provocation to the sanctity of Our Country's laws and Socialist System which must be resolutely struck down!


I feel that at present, terrorism, anarchy and the flood of bourgeois liberal thought are the three biggest threats our nation faces. Socialist and Patriotic education needs to be launched and carried out nationwide, as well as more emphasis on advanced persons and more emphasis on a spirit of dedication.


Both hands must remain hard in the emphasizing of Good and the striking down of Bad People.


Given the trials and tribulations the Chinese Nation has endured, it has not been easy to reach the current early stages of prosperity, and in order to surpass Imperialist America by the middle of the 21st Century, we must all shoulder heavy burdens. We must not see the Great Wall destroyed by our hands by letting ourselves come undone! As for all speech and behavior that denigrates our Nation and Government, we must strike hard and show no mercy! Only thus will we protect the interests of The Common People the Nation to the utmost.

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